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Murphy beds versus Cabinet Beds: What’s the Difference?

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Many people are familiar with the space-saving concept of a disappearing Murphy Bed, but not many people are aware of the similar idea of a cabinet bed. Originally designed by William Lawrence Murphy in the early 1900’s, the Murphy bed has seen an uptick in popularity in recent years. With housing prices rising and more students choosing to live at home after college, Murphy beds are a terrific way to create a bedroom when there isn’t a lot of room to spare.

So what is a Cabinet Bed?

A cabinet bed, or box bed is a mattress that is hidden in a cupboard. It’s essentially the same concept as a Murphy bed, but packed into a smaller footprint. While a Murphy bed generally takes up an entire wall, the cabinet bed has folding cushions to collapse into a smaller desk or a series of shelves. Improvements to mattress design have allowed furniture makers to experiment with new ways to approach the centuries old concept of the Murphy bed. And since the idea of a disappearing bed is all about saving space, the smaller footprint and stylish design of a cabinet bed is perfect. Most cabinet beds even have a rolling drawer at the foot to store pillows, blankets, or whatever else you might need. Just a few simple steps and you can transform any room into a guest room.

Cost Comparison

While logic would dictate that the smaller more modern cabinet bed must be more expensive, it is actually cheaper than your standard Murphy Bed. The smaller design uses less materials and is much easier to install. Rather than having to mount something to the wall, the cabinet beds are a standalone piece of furniture that can be placed anywhere at any time.

Interested in learning more? Want to see a cabinet bed for yourself? Come to Home Solutions @ ACE and check out our unique selection of cabinet beds!

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