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Purchasing a Lift Chair Sparks families can trust

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Choosing the right furniture for your own home or the home of a loved one can be tricky. People have different needs and when it comes to purchasing the right furniture to fit those needs, working with professionals like the ones found at Home Solutions @ ACE, your valued furniture store in Sparks, can make all the difference. Searching for something specific without much knowledge of the product can create problems finding the right piece, the right price, and the right place to make a purchase. With the help of this article and the expertise of staff at Home Solutions @ ACE in Sparks, finding exactly what you’re looking for won’t be such a headache.

If you are in the market for a Lift Chair, Sparks may be where your search ends! Whether it be for yourself or a family member, Home Solutions @ ACE in Sparks offers a wide-range of Lift Chairs, recliners, and other living room and bedroom furniture to meet your unique needs. But before you go making any purchases, it is always important to first do your research. When looking into purchasing a Lift Chair it is key to provide the Home Solutions @ ACE sales associate with as much information as possible. Since unlike a recliner, a Lift Chair is primarily used as a medical devise, one should first speak with a medical professional about the needs of the individual who will be using the Lift Chair.

Now head to your local furniture store in Sparks and let the Home Solutions @ ACE team point you in the right direction. Buying a Lift Chair can be immensely helpful for those who have trouble with mobility, balance, or transitioning from a standing to seated position. However, the benefits of certain Lift Chairs go far beyond assistance in sitting and standing. Most Lift Chairs can be adjusted to different angles and elevations to provide maximum comfort and can even recline to a flat position for sleeping.

With a wide-range of sizes, features, and designs, Home Solutions @ ACE in Sparks will provide you with the help you need to pick the Lift Chair that best addresses your needs. We are happy to provide Reno, Sparks, and the rest of Northern Nevada with competitive prices, renowned brands, and expertise in Lift Chairs. Come in and browse our selection in-store or online at