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Clutter is often the enemy of an organized home. Clutter often accumulates because people are tired by the time they get home from work and just want to relax. We often think “I’ll get to it later” but then the clutter just keeps piling up until action must be taken. Learning some tips to declutter your home will keep your home looking nice and neat and give you peace of mind.

Tornado Approach – In about five minutes you can make a big improvement. Spend about one minute in each room picking things up off the floor and either throwing them away or putting them where they should be. Then move onto the next room until you’ve made some improvements in each room. If you do this fast and furious approach every day your home will look much better.

Fill a Trash Bag – To clear up clutter in your home, try to fill a trash bag with as much stuff that you don’t want or need as you can. You can even use two bags – one for trash and one for clothing donations.

Sort It Out – Try the three box method which uses one box for items you want to keep, one for those you want to throw away and/or donate, and another you want to put into storage. Once one of the boxes fills up, take the items out of it and put them back in their place, throw them away, put them in your vehicle for donation, or put them in storage.

One of the biggest ways to declutter your home is having a place to store it off the floor or flat surfaces such as tables or desks. Shelving units and filing cabinets are just a couple great options to help declutter your home. Give the home experts at Home Solutions at Ace a call today at 775-323-2750.