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Your bed is the place you spend the most time while in your home, so making sure your bed is the correct size is very important. You wouldn’t want to wear the wrong sized clothes so why would you be okay with sleeping in a bed that’s not the right size for you?

You’ve probably heard of some of the standard bed sizes such as twin, full, queen, and king, but did you know there are also custom sizes and extra-long varieties? You don’t want a bed that’s too large and takes up too much valuable space in your bedroom, but you also want something comfortable so your legs aren’t hanging off the end of it or you aren’t pushing your partner off the side.

Twin – Twin sized beds are very common in children’s bedrooms. They are small in size but allow for plenty of room for kids and their toys and stuffed animals. They can also be good for adults who sleep alone and aren’t very large who live in small spaces such as dorm room or apartments. Twins are also common for bunk beds. Variations include the short twin and twin XL.

Full – Sometimes referred to as a double bed, full sized beds are common in hotel rooms. They are quite a bit wider than a twin and are ideal for two smaller sized adults. Full sized beds are also commonly used for futons. A larger individual sleeping alone may also prefer a full mattress. A full XL is another option for tall people.

Queen – Queen sized beds are the most common size used across the world. They can comfortably accommodate two sleepers with room to move around a bit. They are also good for single sleepers who may be joined by a kid or a pet. Because queens are larger they take up more bedroom space. They are the ideal option for guest bedrooms as well. Variations to the standard queen include the Olympic queen and the California queen.

King – A great choice for couples who want lots of space and may also be joined by a child or pet. A king can also be enjoyed by individuals who really want to spread out or lay sideways to watch TV or read. The California king is the biggest bed they make unless you order a custom size.

To learn more about what bed size is right for you, call Home Solutions at Ace at 775-323-2750.